Plaques at Fort Riley

HASFR takes gratitude in preserving the rich history of Fort Riley. As part of the preservation, the Plaques chair maintains and updates the plaques in the historic homes on the main post. Each house has designated a plaque listing all previous residents dating back to the early 1900s and a few as far back to the late 1880s.

Furthermore, the Plaques chair receives orders for plaque copies for $15 as per resident request. This includes a parchment paper copy and a photocopy of the historic home.

plaquesHistoric plaque from the Custer House

Three convenient options are available to pay for a copy:

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Volunteering for HASFR

Volunteering for HASFR is a unique opportunity. We need many volunteers throughout the year to make our events successful! HASFR is run solely by volunteers, thus making volunteers an invaluable resource. To inquire about and volunteer for HASFR, contact [email protected].